At Boost 180 Fitness, we value the feedback of our clients. Check out some of our success stories here.

  • Hunter

    Michelle adds a great balance of technique work, encouragement and challenge to her training sessions. I'm glad I signed up with her.
  • Jessica

    Coach Michelle was wonderful! She really understands where I'm struggling and is willing to work with me on exactly what I need. She's given me extra workouts to do at home to stay fit in other areas, and she is willing to run races and longer runs with clients, which is amazing! I struggle with my long runs, so having someone who is willing to coach me along is exactly what I need. I absolutely recommend Coach Michelle!
  • Carol

    It's never to late to learn how to run. I am 68 years old, and always wanted to learn. Now, I am using the Galloway Method, and running/walking 4 miles. Without Michelle coaching me, I wouldn't be out doing this. Need a push, and she is there to do so.
  • Anya

    Michelle was an awesome coach! After one session my form had improved exponentially. Michelle has so much experience as both a runner and a coach she could answer every question and address every concern I had, from form to pace to mentality. You can tell that coaching is not just a job, but a passion for Michelle; she carried my session 30 minutes over the original time with no additional cost because she wanted to make sure I understood the exercises she was showing me. I felt like Michelle was genuinely interested in helping me improve which is why I'm coming back!
  • Kristen

    Michelle is an excellent coach. She was very thoughtful in her approach to my goals and concerns with excellent assessments and training plans. I'm very excited to continue to work with her and highly recommend her to anyone interested.
  • Jennifer

    I'm so excited!  Thank you so much!  I finished our session feeling so strong and capable.  You're a very good coach!
  • Gabriela

    Coach Michelle is amazing! I'm just starting out and she gave me important instruction about my form, a variety of warm up options, interval and distance information based on our run together and most importantly, explained running cadence! After meeting with Coach Michelle, I feel confident and excited about my running program. Thanks so much, Coach Michelle and I look forward to my progress and more guidance as I continue this journey!
  • Mat

    Coach Michelle was very knowledgeable and made an impact just with the first session. I highly recommend her as a running coach.
  • Jill

    Michelle - Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to have stumbled upon your ad in the Park Hill News. Thank you for pushing me, for your support, your patience and especially your encouragement. You've changed my life, & I am so excited to continue my journey to January to run my first marathon. Thanks for running with me at the Denver Half. You went above and beyond in your mentoring efforts and it is very much appreciated!